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Image result for shortcake picturesShortcakes

Generous size, light texture with a hint of sweetness.

$1.25 each

      A mix of unbleached wheat flours, AA butter,       
organic milk, aluminum free, NON GMO baking
powder, a couple pinches of cane sugar, and sea salt

Image result for raspberry tart with crumble topping Raspberry Tarts

Buttery oatmeal crust with a delightfully bright raspberry filling.

8 inch   -   $10.00

Oats, AA butter, unbleached wheat flour, raspberry jam,
brown cane sugar, white cane sugar,
 NON GMO aluminum free baking powder

Shortcakes are baked in a licensed kitchen, by Trish of Trish's Bakery, Phippsburg, ME
Raspberry Tarts are baked in a licensed kitchen, by Emily of MLE's Kitchen, Phippsburg, ME


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